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About Ambedkar Nagar

Map of Ambedkar NagarAmbedkar Nagar district belongs to Uttar Pradesh district of India that is sited on the banks of River Ghaghara. Akbarpur is the district headquarters of Ambedkar Nagar district. The district is located at a distance of 192 km from the state capital Lucknow and 669 km away from the national capital Delhi. Ambedkar Nagar is a newly formed district of Uttar Pradesh, on 29th September 1995, and it was named after Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, who formed the Constitution of India. Akbarpur, Tanda, Jalalpur, Baskhari, Rajesultanpur, Ashrafpur Kichhauchha, Ramnagar and Alapur are the important 7 cities of Ambedkar Nagar. People of all regions and communities reside in Ambedkar Nagar.

Geography of Ambedkar Nagar

Ambedkar Nagar district covers a total area of 2520 sq km which is nearly 970 sq mi. The district is elevated at a height of 133 meters above sea level which is about 436 feet. Ambedkar Nagar has its coordinates at 26.431° North latitude and 82.540° East longitude. The district is bounded by Azamgarh district in the east, Basti district in the north and Sultanpur district in the west. The River Ghaghara forms the north boundary of the district. The district comes under Hindi belt regions of India. The cities close to the district are Tanda 19 km away, Sultanpur 56 km away, Faizabad 62 km away and Mau 74 km away. The districts near Ambedkar Nagar are Basti 50 km away, Sultanpur 56 km away and Faizabad 60 km away. The district has nearly 3955 villages. Apart from River Ghaghara many other rivers and lakes nourish the district making it suitable for agriculture. River Tons flows through Akbarpur and Shahzadpur, Lake Devhat and Hanswar flow through Baskhari, Lake Darvan flows through Katehari. The district has numerous small streams and ponds. Summers are very hot and winters are very cold in Ambedkar Nagar.


As per 2011 census, Ambedkar Nagar district has a total population of 2397888 out of which male constitutes 1212410 and female constitutes 1185478. When compared to 2001 census the population in the district has increased about 18.30 %. The density of population is about 1020 per sq km in an area of 2350 sq km. The district contributes nearly 1.20 % of the total population in Uttar Pradesh. The sex ratio in the district is 978 female per 1000 male. The total number of children between the age group of 0 to 6 in the district is 339229 out of which boys constitute 175552 and girls constitute 163677. The child sex ratio in the district is 932 girls out of 1000 boys. Nearly 14.15 % of the total district population constitutes children between the age of 0 to 6 out of which boys constitute 14.48 % and girls constitutes 13.81 % of the total population. The average literacy rate in the district is 72.23 % out of which the male constitutes 81.66 % and female constitutes 62.66 %. The total literates in the district are 1486939 out of which male constitutes 846676 and female constitutes 640263.

Urban and Rural Ambedkar Nagar

In Ambedkar Nagar district, 88.29 % of the total population resides in rural area and the rest of 11.71 % resides in urban area i.e. 2117158 people reside in rural area and 280730 people resides in urban area. The sex ratio in rural area is 983 and urban area is 941. The total number of children between the age of 0 to 6 residing in rural area is 302151 and in urban area is 37078. Average literacy rate in rural area is 71.61 % and in urban area is 76.86 %.

Administration in Ambedkar Nagar

Akbarpur is the district capital. The district comes under Faizabad division of the state administration and the Faizabad district commissioner is the overall in-charge of administration in Faizabad division. The district is administrated by the district collector Shri Vivek IAS. The district magistrate office is located at the district headquarters. The district headquarters also operates the district-cum-session’s court. The district is sub-divided into 5 sub-districts or tehsils namely Akbarpur Tehsil, Alapur Tehsil, Bhiti Tehsil, Jalalpur Tehsil and Tanda Tehsil. Each of these Tehsil is further divided into a total of 9 administrative blocks namely Akbarpur, Bhiti, Baskhari, Bhiyaon, Jalalpur, Jahangirganj, Ramnagar, Katehari and Tanda. The district has two Lok Sabha constituencies in Ambedkar Nagar and Sant Kabir Nagar. The Goshainganj, Katehari, Tanda, Jalalpur and Akbarpur come under Ambedkar Nagar Lok Sabha constituency.

Shri Hari Ohm Pandey is the current MP of Ambedkar Nagar constituency. The Sant Kabir Nagar constituency constitutes of Rajesultanpur, Alapur, Kalilabad and Mehandawati. Shri Sharad Tripathi is the current MP of Sant Kabir Nagar constituency. The district has a total of 5 Assembly seats namely Akbarpur, Katehari, Tanda, Rajesultanpur and Jalalpur.

Notable Personalities Ambedkar Nagar

The district is the home town of many popular personalities. The current Ambedkar Nagar constituency MP Shri Hari Om Pandey is from Ambedkar Nagar, Ram Manohar Lohia, the great Indian politician and activist, is from Akbarpur and the great Sufi scholar, Syed Waheed Ashraf, is from the Ambedkar Nagar district.

Area and Localities in Ambedkar Nagar

The district capital Akbarpur forms the heart of the district and it homes most of the important government agencies like the DM office, district court, airport and railway station. Baskhari is another important city in the district which has the Sabzi Mandi area. The national highway NH 233 runs through the city. The city Rajesultanpur on the Rajesultanpur to Tanda road is one of the popular commercial and religious centres of the district. It homes numerous water bodies like the Rajesultanpur ka taal. Popular picnic spots like Kamhariya Ghat, Balua Ghat, Balrampur National Park and Rajesultanpur Park can be visited. Many shrines namely Kalika Mata ka Mandir, Shree Bram baba Mandir, Durga mata Mandir, Royal church, Sai Baba Temple, Bajran temple, Mata Rani Temple, Reo Church and many more are located here. Rajesultanpur community healthcare centre is another popular landmark in the city.

Business in Ambedkar Nagar

The district has no well-established business centres in its grounds and it is one of the 34 districts in Uttar Pradesh which was announced as most backward districts in 2006 by the Ministry of Panchayat Raj. Ambedkar Nagar currently receives fund from the BRGF - Backward Regions Grand Fund Programme. Agriculture is well developed in Ambedkar Nagar both tube well and canal irrigation system is incorporated here. Agriculture also forms the chief occupation of most of the people in the district. Apart from agriculture the Tanda Terracotta, NTPC thermal power station, Sugar mills, power looms and Jaypee cement factory contributes to the economy of the district.

Beauty Parlours in Ambedkar Nagar

The district has numerous beauty service centres i.e. salons in most of its towns and cities. Here is the detailed list of beauty parlours in Ambedkar Nagar district.

Saundarya Nikhar Herbal Beauty Parlour
Tanda Road, Gandhi Nagar
Ambedkar Nagar Ho, Uttar Pradesh - 224122
Phone no.: 9770382324
Landmark: Under Bridge

Jonsi Singar Mahal & Beauty Parlour
Narayan Market
Ambedkar Nagar Ho, Uttar Pradesh - 224122
Phone no.: 9532634163

Jyoti Herbal Beauty Parlour

Gandhi Nagar
Tanda Road
Ambedkar Nagar Ho, Uttar Pradesh - 224122
Phone no.: 8924960737
Landmark: Near Bus Stand

Mansi Beauty Parlours
Tanda Road
Baskhari, Uttar Pradesh - 224129
Phone no.: 8052144131

Kanu Choodi Mahal Kanu Harbal Beauty Parlour
Akbarpur Road
Baskhari, Uttar Pradesh - 224129
Phone no.: 9918857465

Gopika Shukla Beauty Parlour
Baskhari Road
Baskhari, Uttar Pradesh - 224129
Phone no.: 9452642010

Gudaya Beauty Parlour
Baskhari Road
Baskhari, Uttar Pradesh - 224129
Phone no.: 8738970497

Tanya Beauty Parlours
Baskhari Bazar
Baskhari, Uttar Pradesh - 224129
Phone no.: 9795345814

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